Most of University of Hong Kong’s mainland students stay in Hong Kong


By Zhao Wen  Shanghai Daily

MORE than half of the students from China’s mainland at the University of Hong Kong found jobs in Hong Kong after graduation this year, while 35 percent pursued overseas studies, school officials said in Shanghai as Hong Kong universities opened their applications for mainland students.

Some of the university’s students continued their studies in Hong Kong, but fewer than 10 percent came back to the mainland.

This year, 17 universities and colleges in Hong Kong are permitted to recruit mainland students via China's college entrance exam or other pre-admission tests. Five of them were new on the permit list issued by the Ministry of Education in August.

In 2013, a total of 12,513 mainland students applied for the University of Hong Kong, which is one of the most sought-after among mainland students, setting a new record since the university began recruiting mainland students in 2003. In September, 303 of that group were admitted.

Many students from China’s mainland pick universities and colleges in Hong Kong because those permitted to recruit them teach classes in English and their self-motivated learning environment can prepare them for further studies overseas.

The opportunities to do internships and work in Hong Kong also offer a global perspective for mainland students who want to work in multinational companies.