Shan Yangzhong meets Thailand Senior Education Commission delegates

    Shanghai, April 26--China Senior College Exhibition Organization Committee Director Shan Yangzhong met Royal Thai Deputy Consul-General Hataya Khusakul and Thailand Senior Education Commission delegates Ms.Lakhana Dockiao, Ms.Kanokporn Numde.

    Shan Yangzhong extended a warm welcome to Thailand Senior Education Commission delegates for attending "The 8th International Senior College(Shanghai) Exhibition 2012", introduced the main work of the committee.

    Shan said, Thailand is an ideal country of Chinese students for studying aboard, because of convenient transportation, advantageous geographic location and Excellent education environment. For now, China has the largest oversea student number in the world, according to statistics, the number in 2010 is 800,000. China has already set up Confucius Institutes in 12 Thailand colleges, such as Chulalong University, Kasetsart University, Mae Fah Luang University and Khon Kaen University. Shan said he hopes Thailand Senior Education Commission would deepen cooperation with Chinese universities in more areas, and promote understanding and friendship between the youth of the two countries to help developing China-Thai relations.